Be very afraid...
Nederlandstalige info over privacy: bezoek de privacypagina van DiskIdee.

The fact that you clicked on our Privacy Pledge shows that you are someone who likes to know the facts. Privacy and the Internet is a hot issue. There are reasons to be afraid, very afraid. On this page we have collected some links to show you what you can expect on some other websites. You can rest assured nothing what is demonstrated through these links happens on our site. We take your privacy seriously, as you yourself should do. We do not use systems logs or other records for any other purpose than to analyze traffic patterns and to perform routine system maintenance. We do not rent, sell or otherwise disclose any information you might give us (willingly or not) when you visit our site.

Automatic Information Gathering

On these sites you will find demonstrations of the bit trail you leave behind you while surfing.

Anonymous Internet usage

On these sites you will find information or methods to anonymize your Internet usage.


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More on Privacy

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