Jozef Schildermans

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E-mail: jozef AT datatestlab DOT com

I started my writing career as a freelance journalist for magazines in Belgium and The Netherlands on subjects ranging from popular science to environmental issues and history subjects. I wrote for De Nieuwe, De Zwijger, Radio 3, BRTN, Knack, Volkskrant, NRC Handelsblad, Intermediair, Personal Computer Magazine (PCM), De Morgen etc. In 1991 I started Computer Magazine, the first journalistic Belgian computer monthly for consumers. It was later bought by VNU and merged at the end of 2005 with Personal Computer Magazine, where I started writing on ICT subjects all these years ago. I was also publisher of Software Magazine and Corporate Magazine (later merged with Data News, for which I’m still contributing editor). In 1992 I started Data TestLab. We write articles and tests (always following journalistic principles) for several publications. At present we mostly work for Data News (bi-weekly and web) and (web) in Belgium and IT-Infra (monthly) in The Netherlands. We also publish our own website DiskIdee. I have written several books on a broad range of subjects, starting with België, de dag na de bom in 1984 (EPO). Follow me on twitter (Jozefs). Connect with me on LinkedIn. Continue reading “Jozef Schildermans”