Tests and articles

A selection of our tests and articles can be found on our own websites DiskIdee België en DiskIdee Nederland. You’ll also find some articles written by us on the websites of De Standaard, AGConnect, Data NewsKnack, Computeridee and PCM (Personal Computer Magazine).

Participation in our tests is free, but participants are responsible for all transport costs to and from Data TestLab and for all insurance costs. Products have to be insured against theft, loss and damages. Test products that have not been picked-up after three months will be given or thrown away and cannot be picked-up any more. Please pick-up your products immediately after the agreed test period! By participating in one of our tests, you unconditionally accept these test conditions.

Data TestLab is not responsible for loss, theft and/or damages of any product(s) send to us for testing purposes. You alone are responsible for all insurance costs. By participating in any of our tests, you unconditionally agree with this rule.